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October 09, 2006



Probibly the only sensible thing GWB has done...and his supporters don't understand it... of course...

Thomas Williams

I personally don't think the GOP or any earthly organization can delay God's Will.



Ahhh, I love the sweet smell of idiocy...


I wonder what Jesus (pbuh) would say if he "came" and saw this in the land of Israel.

"October 9, 2006

Almost no one bothered to report it. A search of the nation's largest newspapers turned up nothing in USA Today, the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Houston Chronicle, Tampa Tribune, etc.

There was nothing on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, NPR, Fox News.


The LA Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Associated Press each had one sentence, at most, telling about her. All three left out the details, the LA Times had her age significantly off, and the Washington Post reported that she had been killed by an Israeli tank shell.

It hadn't been a tank shell that had kille[d] her, according to witnesses. It had been bullets, multiple ones, fired up close.

Neighbors report that Israeli soldiers had been beating her husband because he wasn't answering their questions. Foolishly or valiantly, how is one to say, the 35-year-old woman had interfered. She tried to explain that her husband was deaf, screamed at the soldiers that her husband couldn't hear them and attempted to stop them from hitting him. So they shot her. Several times.

Her name was Itemad Ismail Abu Mo'ammar.

She didn't die, though. That took longer. It required her life to flow out of her in the form of blood for several hours, as Israeli soldiers refused to allow an ambulance to transport her to help. Her husband and children could do nothing to save her.

Finally, after approximately five hours, an ambulance was allowed to take her to a hospital, where physicians were able to render one service: pronounce her dead, a few days before the commencement of Ramadan, a season of family gatherings much like the Christmas season for Americans. She left 11 children. None of this was in the Washington Post story, which had reported her death in one half of one sentence.

Her husband's brother, who lived in the same house, was also killed. He was a 28-year-old farmer.

Why did this all happen? The family lived behind a resistance fighter wanted by Israel. They were simply "collateral damage" in a failed Israeli assassination/ kidnapping operation.

All together, five Palestinians were killed that day. The other three were young shepherds killed in another area, two 15 years old and one 14, who seem to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gaza.

None of this was reported in most of America's news media, and so the American public never learned about a mother bleeding to death in front of her children, or young shepherds being blown to pieces."



You fool no one except the most ignorant.


Two reasons come to mind for not reporting.

1. Not true and/or poor sources.
2. Covering the murdering among Muslims against Jews and infidels takes far too much space. But as a conspirator theorist I suppose you believe President Bush makes all those up?


"You fool no one except the most ignorant."

Try and be original sometimes. Or are you too used to being a parrot?



Arab online Masood?

Do you suppose they have bias against the Jews?
Masood, do you also realize that 25 murders took place in Detroit last month. Do you think any of the Arab news sources carried those stories? American news sources cannot carry every murder that takes place in the Middle east. Its just not possible. As fcc, I have serious doubts that the story has any truth anyhow.

Good luck with all that Masood.


"Masood, do you also realize that 25 murders took place in Detroit last month. Do you think any of the Arab news sources carried those stories?"

Your analogy is flawed and I leave it to the readers to discern that for themselves.

"Good luck with all that Masood."



Talk about murder...a man of Arab decent (muslim) shot up the Jewish federation office in here in Seattle... all women. One died others are now going through rehab. scarred for life...one wounded was pregnant (obviously so) she was shot while trying to protect her stomach (unborn child).


Good news and bad news... the man was tried and convicted... but the Prosecuting Attorney did not get the death sentence in the case. He has yet to be sentenced...


Masood just in case you missed the trial .... he said he did it because he "hates" Jews.


"Talk about murder...a man of Arab decent (muslim) shot up the Jewish federation office in here in Seattle."

Just part of the enigma he proved himself to friends
Scott Gutierrez, Seattle Pi, 7/29/06

Those who knew Naveed Haq said Saturday that to them he was an enigma, a puzzle that they wish they could have solved before his deadly rampage in a Seattle Jewish center.

Stunned and saddened by the news, some of Haq's acquaintances recounted many of what they saw as the contradictions of his life.

He held a degree in electrical engineering and was the son of a successful engineer, yet he couldn't keep a regular job. He was smart, creative and skilled as a writer. He recently won an essay contest for a U.S. Institute of Peace scholarship.

Yet Haq was frustrated at his lack of friends and female companionship. He told friends he felt alienated from his own family, in part because his career had disappointed his father and also because he had disavowed Islam last year, converting to Christianity.

Haq had begun studying the Bible, attending weekly men's spiritual group meetings, only to stop coming a few months after his baptism.


Man has been inhumane to man since before the first divine words were ever put to page. To think thousands of years would make a difference, that we would have learned something by now, would have been wrong-headed. One more reason I feel all the sacred tomes and prayers and sermons don't amount to a hill of beans, at least I can live off of beans.


Is that an apology Masoood? If so deliver it to the people who were invaded and hurt in our country...


Oh, now Masood attempts to claim the man was a Christian which led to his rampage? Masood, have you no shame? We all know Muslim families disown their children when they become Christian just like this man. I read a book by this former Muslim, Ergun Caner. These are his words..

"He (Ergun Caner) was born in about 1960. He grew up a devout Muslim in a devout Muslim family in Ohio, USA. He wore his Muslim attire to school and kept a prayer rug in his locker. He was proud of his religion. Caner notes, "Every Muslim child learns about the scales. The scales are terrifying. The Koran says if your scales are heavy, you will live in paradise; but if your scales are light, you will find perdition. You have to be 51% righteous to get to paradise." The balance scales compare the good deeds to the bad deeds. So, Caner lived by the 5 pillars of Islam.

"But, there was this one kid...an obnoxious, wouldn't-take-'no'-for-an-answer kid...who kept inviting me to things at his church. Sunday school, youth retreats, lock-ins, everything. He wouldn't leave me alone. Finally, he wore me down." Finally he went to the boy's church, & they loved him. The ridicule he expected was absent. After hearing the pastor explain the purpose of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection, he accepted Jesus as his Savior.

There is only one way...in view of the above balance scales...of eternal assurance of paradise according to Islam: to die a martyr! "The 19 men who executed the 9/11 attacks on the USA weren't great Muslims...they were desperate Muslims." It had come to Caner clearly: "I realized Jesus strapped Himself to the cross so I didn't have to strap myself to a bomb."

His Life Since Jesus Came In:

Caner's father disowned him when he told him about his new faith in Christ. That was the last time he saw his father for 17 years! Harsh? Caner notes, "It's not that bad. The Koran says, 'If anyone changes his Islamic religion, kill him.' In 38 countries around the world, that is exactly what happens. But my father didn't kill me; he just disowned me." That church and its members became his family.

Eventually, both of his brothers, his mother, and his grandmother came to faith in Jesus (his dad died a Muslim)."


I'm enjoying the view here... all these religious people battling among themselves...



The view might be enjoyable, but the reading is a bore.


Masood you are a scoundrel... to say the least.


Boring it may be Bawdy, but it I find it better to watch "believers" beating up on each other instead of beating up on minority segments of the populace (e.g. gays, atheists, etc.)


Remember that once a day it is five minutes of hate...like it or not... "Brave New World".. if you organize it people seek other outlets that is where the "Malthusian Belt" comes in... turn to sex? Hate, sex, war are all noted and minipulated in the novel by the controlling government. Masood reads his propoganda text and retypes it into the blog? For who Masood? Maybe you could come up with a jihaad jingle? I like originality, Bawdy, fcc, Bev, csm and seem intuitive in their discourse...you fall into the category of a "hack"... I have had interesting conversations on the internet with Muslim's around the world, whoever is writing for you really needs to ask Osama to lighten the load of shit and try discourse. And, as for parrots... Give me your address I will send a box of crackers to Masood La Parrot..King of the Parrot flock.


Sorry, but he is nothing like a parrot. I wonder why his comments upset you so.

One thing I know is true is that you can not improve a relationship if you refuse to respect the others POV.


Not like a parrot, more like a Palestinian Cleric. If we press, he may provide us with details on the GWB doubles who carry out the real jihad againts America, Muslims and eventually the world. Erasmus recognized that in the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king.


And in the country of the verbal diarrhea the man with an ass for a mouth is king.

All hail king fcc!


Hail King, fcc, the man with a thousand bigotries.


"Masood reads his propoganda text and retypes it into the blog"

Masood essentially execuses all the killing, terrorism, slaughter or call it what you will done in the name of Islam as GWB propaganda. Al Qaeda does not exist? GWB orchestrated? I recognize his right to free speech, but personally, I find it to be pretty offensive myself. That stuff would probably fly at some of our NE Universities....

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