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October 03, 2006



Remembering that pedophiles have almost always been abused themselves, I know this is going to be sad to watch.
I've been waiting for the generation of little Catholic boys who were abused by their priests to grow up and start abusing other children. Now, Foley's lawyer has revealed that Foley was abused by his clergy.

Just like Cardinal Bernard Law, I just don't understand leaders like Dennis Haskert, who seem to have no will to even WANT to know what is going on. Those are the adults I just really can't get in the head of in these situations.

I'm also pretty shocked that it's the Washington Times calling for Haskert's resignation.
But I wouldn't be opposed.


I'd be shocked if Hastert actually steps down. But I'd be happy to be shocked! If he knew about this a long time ago the man should step down. Hell, he should resign from the Houst just like Foley did.

Also, I find it telling that Foley's name will remain on the ballot in Florida. The Republicans have appointed someone else to run in Foley's place, but they cannot change the ballots at such a late date, so they are asking Floridians to vote for Foley anyway. Whew... I wonder how many good, upstanding Republicans with moral values will vote for Foley? Sickening... the honorable thing to do would be to give up and tell their constituents to write in the candidate. But it is impossible these days to use "honorable" and "Republican" in the same sentence.

Oh, for the days of the father of the Republican party...


"Mark Foley knew that he could get away with this type of behavior with male pages because he was a congressman"

This sounds like Clinton all over again except Mark will actually get punished as well as be removed from office.


fcc: Are you fucking blind, or did you not read the previous posts, or do you just ignore what doesn't fit into your anti-Democrat worldview?

Mark Foley is a pedophile - that is against the law.

Bill Clinton is a blow job enjoyer - that is not against the law.


"Bill Clinton is a blow job enjoyer - that is not against the law."

I have always wondered that if his actions were so harmles, then why did he lie? Why did he lose his law license and pay a 25K fine if he broke no laws? Wow, if I was Bill I would have fought that if I was innocent.

I may be mistaken, but I don't believe Foley has actuallly had relations with any children, just inappropriate emails. I wonder if he will get the same punishment as the pretty blond teachers we have seen prancing out of the court rooms lately with a slap on the wrist? Somehow, I doubt it nor should he. But I feel certain Mark's lawyers will use the sexual abuse card and the homosexual card to lighten his punishmsnt. He abused his power just as Bill did.


What exactly constitutes a relationship? Clinton, at the time of his questioning, apparently didn't believe that anything short of cloitus amounted to a sexual relations. Gene, following this disclosure on a Republican's antics, apparently doesn't believe a series of e-mails constitute a relationship.

As far as expecting that the Right here will begin considering anything outside their worldview, that is futile. They are not here to engage but merely to distract. ‘The one-eyed undertaker, he blows a feudal horn.’


It is all about politics...why Foley's behaviour was ignored. The "Hill" has lots of dirty secrets that revolves around sex and money... in either order. Sexual partners get jobs on Sub-committees as a reward (taxpayer's paying the bill) as a favor to people who make decsions that affect doing political business... could be a well placed General's squeeze... another politicians... an influential lobbyist... etc. As for the "pages" both male and female...sexual pressure has always been apart of the job.

As my old mentor said... "Those elected on the Hill are exactly like the people who put them there. No better or worse."

Law covered up, Hastert covered up... to both it is part of the job... protect the faith or the party.

Personally it is good to see the Republicans deal with moral issues... they have been so damn "self-righteous"...to the point of being profane.


A statesman also puts the country before his/her genitals. I am again with you Mike. The only thing worse than self-righteousness is when you have no right to be self-righteous. This is another fine example of our leaders concerned more with political party than the country the are supposed to be governing.


Although I hate to bring this up, I have to, given that I am more interested in honesty and accuracy than being right. On another blog I was surprised to see a right winger note that the age of consent in DC is actually 16 years of age. (I did some checking and that seems to be accurate.) And it would also seem that Foley was "engaged with" (shall we say) a 16 year old page. If this is the case, then I was wrong about Foley breaking the law. Of course, I think the law is wrong in this case, but that is beside the point. (And who knows if there are other as yet to be identified youngsters that Foley was "engaged with".)

At any rate, Foley is still a hypocrite and the House is best rid of him. And the Reps still have that "holier than thou" reputation and that is why this particular matter is ugly no matter the age of consent.


Gene and FCC are so messed up in the head that they will try to defend Foley! thats awesome. keep it up guys. you're going to do well in this debate.



You might want to rethink your position on the words "nor should he". Indeed, "beauty walks a razor's edge, someday I'll make it mine."

"The "Hill" has lots of dirty secrets that revolves around sex and money"

Mike, without a doubt this is true. But I would have to contend I would like to see one of the parties at least attempting to be righteous. It is sad that that even needs to be brought up. It should just be expected. A whole party cannot expected to be righteous as an entity, but we can sure expect each represenative to act in a dignified lawful manner. Do we really expect that McKinney, Jefferson, Kennedy, Delay or Foley will endure any real punishment for their transgressions? Maybe, but the evidence will need to 4 times that for the ordinary citizen. The title "Honorable" does have it's priviliges.


derF, interestingly enough, Monica Lewinsky (as proven by her own words of the illegal tapes made by Linda Tripp) also, at the time of her questioning, apparently didn't believe that anything short of cloitus amounted to a sexual relations either.

csm, the age of consent in DC is 16.
However, I don't know for congresspeople, but for teachers there is no age of "consent" for people under your charge.
Aslo, Foley actually passed some 'net legislation that made specific 'net stuff illegal.
We're see. I still believe in innocent until proven guilty. But the reports of him being distraught might be telling.

I find it so interesting that gene mentions Clinton, McKinney, Jefferson, Kennedy, Delay and Foley.

First, he fails to mention GOPers Duke Cunnigham and Bob Ney (among other Republican operatives -- like NH phone-jamming scam, Coin-gate, etc., etc.).
That group of Republicans are already PRISONERS, as of this year.

In addition, there are NO indictments for Clinton, McKinney, Jefferson, or Kennedy.
Tom Delay? FIVE indictments.

Why do Democrats Clinton, McKinney, Jefferson, and Kennedy get judged along with Republicans indicted felons Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, NH jammers, and Coingate?

It hardly sounds very "Independent" to me.
Oh, that's just a bunch of bs on gene's part?
I get it.


The reason the Republicans are asking voters to go ahead and vote for Foley, is because there is a "stand-in candidate" waiting in the wings. It is too late to take Foley off of the ballot, and too late to put the other gentleman in. They are supposed to place posters up with this change in the polling areas, reminding people that a vote for Foley is a vote for the other fellow.
As far as the issue at hand goes, I feel it is rather funny that Mr. Foley is "taking full responsibility for his actions", yet his PR guys are slipping things out that he was abused as a child; and giving the public at large his sexual preferences. Who cares if he is gay? Being gay doesn't make you a pedafile. Being a pervert does. So what if the age of conset is 16 years old... These are children who are sent with the express understanding that they are there to learn the democratic process of the United States. They are there UNDER THE CARE of these congressmen, not "under" them...


The age of consent in D.C. is sixteen... as stated. However, in work relationships, where one has power over another...just like a teacher, boss, supervisor... sexual harassment, the ethical and moral issues become more to the point. What kind of pressure did Foley use on the page?



I know you just overlooked these dems who have been indicted. You are always so fair and balanced.

Sen. Efrain Gonzalez Jr - defrauding a not-for-profit corporation
Chicago Democrat James Levin - wire fraud
Five East St. Louis Democrats - Voter fraud (imagine)
Democratic Staffer Susan Lindauer - Spying for Iraq
Ricardo Bordallo - indicted on charges of bribery, extortion, conspiracy and fraud
Rep James Trafficant - charges of bribery and racketeering.

Well, thats all I can recal. Feel free to add to the list. We do certainly need a change. The dems just are not the cange we need.


‘But now another stranger seems to want you to ignore his dreams; as though they were the burden of some other. You’ve seen that man before, his golden arm dispatching cards, but now its rusted from the elbow to the finger.’


Please pardon me for posting a link here, but I thought it pertinent to do so at this time. Last night Fox News labeled Foley as a Dem. Here's the link. http://www.boingboing.net/2006/10/04/fox_news_identifies_.html


Let me recap whats been said in the vain hope that sanity will be found.

topic: mark foley

retort from GOP on blog: CLINTON!

retort from Dems on blog: various past transgressions of GOP reps

retort from GOP on blog: various past transgressions of Dem reps

how far back are we willing to take it? anyone want to to attack the whigs or the bull moose party? lets try to get back to the topic: MARK FOLEY. for the record, seems like all the indictments recently are GOP.

we've got the worst president in the history of our country and the GOP want to talk about clinton lying about a BJ eight years ago. we've got mark foley on the current florida ballot emailing little boys with requests for pictures of themselves, and the GOP wants to talk about clinton lying about a BJ eight years ago. we've got other GOPs looking the other way while one of the good ol' boys is trying to be the next michael jackson....and gene and FCC are still talking about clinton. give it a rest guys. try and live in the now.


Sure makes third and fourth parties look more attractive...the New Bullmoose Party? as number four...Bawdy wants the Libertarian Party as number three... Let's vote all of them out...both parties! Time to start over... if we really looked at the two major parties without rose glasses on we could probibly charge them both with racketeering!



In retrospect, who cares what party Foley is connected with? He also is a Shriner, is that relevant here? Both parties have corruption running out their ears and we want to sit back and point fingers at which party is more corrupt? Foley is busted, he is out now lets get ready for the next scandal. I'm sure the William Jefferson indictment will be handed down in another ten days just in time for the November elections. I'm just about ready to vote for "Tom Dobbs". Any idea what party he represents?


"We live in a political world, Where courage is a thing of the past, Houses are haunted, Children unwanted, The next day could be your last."



oh man, the noose is tightening around hastert.


DwnJhl, I know what the Reps are doing in FL regarding Foley's place on the ballot and why - I just think it stinks to high heavens. Anyone one casts their ballot for Foley has no honor.

Thomas Williams

Foley will have his day in court, and he should. What he did is reprehensible. If anyone on either side of the aisle new, and it seems most of those in power had to know if the pages were being warned during their inbrief, those people should resign and leave Congress and be tried for any criminal behavior. I don't care what their party affiliation, they should have protected those young people first and foremost. I don't see any other options, this shouldn't be a political issue.




Well said. I don't think anyone would argue with that. gene and FCC might respond by pointing out that hastert shouldn't resign because bill clinton got a BJ, but the rest of the sane world would whole-heartedly agree.


Gene: The point isn't what party he is or is not, the point is a news provider mislabeled him. You know, the people who are supposed to be providing us with facts? And Fox to boot, the one that is supposed to be more truthful than the rest. At least according to some.

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