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October 16, 2006



Joe has the statistacal lead...via the polls. However, that last minute voting could be his defeat... he is closely weded to GWB...and Isreal...it could backfire on his attempt as an independant. Those I know in CT think he will probibly win.


This is what I like a about Joe. He will not follow a party and start every sentence with "This administration". That is the only part of his platform I really care about. How delightfully refreshing.

Thomas Williams

Well, it is probably an answer not to alienate any of the Republicans who are going to vote for him. Sounds like a good and legitimate question he should have been ready for. I am not up enough on the Connecticut elections to voice an opinion about whether he will win or not. He and I don't usually agree on policy issues.



Good news for Indepedents:

Poll: Lieberman's Lead Widening
Lamont Camp Disputes Validity
October 21, 2006

On a day when the latest Quinnipiac poll showed Ned Lamont losing ground in the race against Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Howard Dean's presence at a boisterous Democratic rally Friday couldn't have been more timely - or necessary.

Dean, the zealous chairman of the Democratic National Committee and former presidential candidate from Vermont, both railed against the Bush administration and exhorted the crowd of supporters and campaign volunteers to work their hardest until Election Day.

According to that poll, Lieberman now holds a 52 percent to 35 percent lead over Lamont among likely voters, a 17-point advantage. Lamont was only trailing Lieberman by 10 points at the time of the last Quinnipiac poll, which was released Sept. 28.


Anyone who thinks the upcoming elections are not open to massive fraud oughta read this:


didn't want to interrupt the other threads, but this video was so much fun i HAD to share:


p.s. daffodils are purty. :-P


too much wacky t'backy, ya think?
I wonder what the story board looked liked? *grin*


Rapping Squirrel Takes on Poetry
A squirrel raps a classic William Wordsworth poem for Lake Ullswater tourists.




Ya gotta love Clippy.
The next video listed (when I looked at this) is pretty good too.


After much deliberation and reflection after the Democrat presidential nominee debates I have a verdict. The winner, John McCain by a landslide. I believe he just picked up a few more of those potential DNC votes. Have we ever had more whiny candidates for president anytime in our history (LOL)?

I thought you might enjoy this link I received from an attorney friend of mine. It reminded me of the CA case you shared.



Well, that story is just another example of the double standard that exists throughout the nation. What is most disturbing today is the number of judiciaries who, in recent years have decided the Constitution has been violated over the last 200 years. A coach bowing his head while his football team prays is not endorsing any religion. I would be willing to gander even an atheist could figure that one out. A Bible lying on a desk is not endorsing any religion. It amounts to a campaign of fear. When you start ripping away rights from the majority under the argument it violates the Constitution you had better be able to back it up and explain why it just now violates the Constitution after 200 years.

I witnessed more of this double standard this past evening. I marveled as various statements were read from the differing candidates anonymously and the audience had to respond negatively or positively to the comments. One of the candidates spoke of their belief in God and God as the creator of all things and probably created it in six days even though that was up to debate. GOP supporters responded most favorably while DNC supporters responded most negatively. When the clip was played it was Obama! I’m sure we all expected to see Mitt or Huckabee. A precious moment.


Legislators in Louisiana and Missouri have introduced academic freedom bills that would ensure the freedom of teachers to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of theories of biological and chemical evolution. Florida legislators introduced a similar bill recently which passed through its first committee hearing on a 4-1 vote.

In Louisiana, Sen. Ben Nevers introduced SB 561, and in Missouri Rep. Wayne Cooper has introduced HB 2554. Both bills would protect teachers’ academic freedom to teach scientific information that supports or challenges biological and chemical evolution, but expressly do not protect the teaching of religion.

“More and more states are beginning to realize how important it is to protect the rights of teachers to be able to present all of the scientific evidence when teaching biological evolution,” said Casey Luskin, Program Officer for Public Policy and Legal Affairs at Discovery Institute. “Science education is in a crisis because students are merely taught what to think, but not how to think, and these bills will help remedy that problem.”

In Missouri, Rep. Jane Cunningham has introduced a companion bill that requires institutions of higher education to "promote intellectual diversity and academic freedom." The bill is titled the “Emily Brooker Higher Education Sunshine Act” after Missouri State University graduate student Emily Brooker, who was discriminated against because of her personal views. The bill aims to bring intellectual diversity back to university campuses by requiring them to take steps to promote “intellectual pluralism and students' right to learn in an environment that exposes them to an abundance of new knowledge, different perspectives, competing ideas, and alternative claims of truth.”


Whiz, welcome back. I admire your use of the moniker! This legislation you have provided goes back to the ID movement and their insistence that ID be allowed in the classroom. This legislation is quickly moving across the state legislators.
I happen to see the Ben Stein film over the weekend and I found it to be funny with a lot of truth mixed in to boot. I have always liked Stein, brilliant, funny quirky. Documentaries on such hot button issues typically will result in 10 or 1 depending on where you fall on this issue. You will find few willing to rate the film honestly. Richard Dawkins can't stop talking about it and the die hard Darwinist is up in arms. Science is constantly expanding from the observable, to the historical and more recently into the predictable. The investigation into the reality of a creator seems to be the most logical next step. The again I don’t rely on it to put food on the table. There are a lot of parallels here with the industry of racism.


I saw Expelled over the w/e too Mike. I enjoyed it as well. Stein wasn't attempting to sell ID as the answer, his whole premise was that educators at all levels should be able to ask the question w/o feeling like they may lose their job. That is what America used to be about before the neo-nazis began exterminating ideas they found dangerous.

The winnner last night in Penn......drum roll please........John McCain. It seems Limbaugh's campaign of chaos in Penn was effective in keeping chaos in the Democratic party and Obama still jus doesn't get it. During an interview he blamed everyone from Hillary to the media for unfairly portraying him from Muslim to unpatriotic. When will he catch on that "words count" and "actions count" (hmm sounds familar)and that voters are free to interpret however they please. You are judged by the company you keep, the words you say and consequently the honor you fail to give. He seemed a shoe-in for president a few short months ago, I just don't see it any longer.


Neo-Nazi is an awfully strong caricature. Elitist is more accurate assessment. I'm smarter, I'm more intelligent and I know more than you the ignorant college student brainwashed by you parents. That is the attitude. If the truth is so apparent and correct the antagonism and elitism would not be necessary. Let science grow and do what it is intended to do and that is find answers.

I will admit to this point McCain is winning point after point as HRC and BHO continue to hammer at the character of one another. It reminds me of two elephants arguing who can jump the highest. The moderates in my party are ashamed and sickened at the spectacle. My sources, what they are, have concluded the superdelegates are ready to sacrifice the presidency in order to maintain their electability come November and will give their support to BHO even though he is now damaged goods. They know they can work with McCain and dare not risk their office. I think this to be an accurate evaluation. To rip it away when he has the largest number of delegates would be political suicide.

Uncle Earl

I thought this made good horse sense.

"Here's a novel idea...how about using some real common sense? How about agreeing to disagree and concentrate some of our energy and thought toward solving some of the real problems that we face: world hunger, disease and pollution that is slowly turning the big blue marble into a garbage dump, to name a few.

As far as teaching evolution or intelligent design in our public schools, ask the children. Ask a child who hasn't had breakfast or a bath or clean clothes for a week which he or she prefers. I'm sure you can find many in Springfield in the aforementioned category. Ask a child who has had a parent killed or maimed for life in this senseless war in Iraq or ask any of the thousands of neglected, abused children who have slipped through the cracks in our great society whether they prefer to be taught intelligent design or creationism. I suspect you will find there are many things more important than either.

Intelligent design or evolution or a combination of the two? Who knows ... who cares? The bottom line is this. Makes no difference if we are living on this big chunk of terra firma compliments of the god of Abraham or we are the fifth-grade science project of some kid in a galaxy a million light years away in a society so far advanced we can't comprehend. Truthfully, I don't know and no matter what you think, you don't either and neither does Billy Graham, the pope, Osama Bin Laden or Steve Sanderson, so let's forget this stupid argument, concentrate on teaching our children to think for themselves concerning issues like this and get busy solving some of the real problems that face us today."

Thank Charles King


Uncle Earl this all sounds good and in the ideal world would be desirable. The reality is the new humanist/atheist of today have declared war on anything they feel is spiritual. I think it is fear or maybe just plain frustration. Teaching evolution and ID in the classroom is the most logical and sensible approach and eventually we will get there but first the confrontation must take place. I think Stein’s film will accelerate the process.
As a side note to this visit the NASA site called SETI. This is a scientific effort to search for ……..get ready for this………aliens. Yes, you tax dollars have been searching for aliens for well over 25 years. The scientific community must indeed realize there is intelligence in the universe. It’s time to stop hiding it and start telling the children the truth and start dealing with real problems.

Mike, you just may be on to something. I haven't looked at if from that perspective before.


fuh, uh, duh, err, huh?


FCC another reality beyond the superdelegates is the approach of Billary. Billary is smart enough to realize that the party is locked into BHO. Any attempt to tear away his nomination would resort in a civil war within the party. The answer becomes to expose to the American people his sinister acquaintances and his hatred of America. In the process, he loses to McCain and she becomes the nomine in 2012. McCain will be 76 years old and BHO becomes just another loser in the DNC list of fallen heroes.

SETI, the search for ET. Has a nice movie title ring and yes sounds a little religious to me. Maybe we need a new letter from Thomas Jefferson (the god of Libertarians) stating separation of aliens and state. We also need a lesson on founding fathers outside of Jefferson. Try Alexander Hamilton.


I think one of the aliens just stopped by in the form of the Crustacean Sushi Marmalade better know as the CSM!

I'll say this Mike. If that is NOT Bill & Hill's plan they had better make it their plan soon. She will not be changing the drapes in the White House any time soon but she may have the opportunity to tell the New Yorkers how much she cares about them and their struggles.
I just picked up yesterday while in DC where the subsidiary branch of the DNC know as MoveOn.org is already running adds smearing McCain. I guess time was a wasting! And I must ask, why Hamilton of all people?


hamilton, among other things, was one of the 3 authors of the federalist "papers", which is one of the very best launching points imaginable for an honest search for the founding fathers' intent.
i also recommend common sense by thomas paine and the work of john locke.


McCain had better get his body armor in place FCC. The persecution he will face during this election cycle will make Vietnam look like a picnic. If the Clintons get a hold of him he'll wish he was back in nam!

Hamilton because of his more autocratic approach. Looking for the founding fathers intent all depends if you look to Hamilton or if you look to Jefferson. Their clashed on most everything with Jefferson standing as the hero of invisible separation clauses as well as libertarians while Hamilton was more of the strong Federal government champion. T Roosevelt rather despised the Jeffersonian approach since he saw how this approach completely corrupts an entire state. When power is more centralized, accountability is more readily apparent and those who offend removed from power more swiftly.


howdy guys.

just wondering if i can get an honest opinion from y'all.

i recently viewed the film zeitgeist at http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/main.htm

now i am asking various voices from all over the political spectrum for their opinion of the film. this movie is 2 hours long, so be prepared 4 that.

thanks in advance. :-)


I put my two hours in earlier in the year. A quick summary might be this. Christianity is used by the rich and powerful to control people. 9/11 was part of an elite conspiracy (probably Bush), and since World War I, the rich have been clandestinely starting wars and financial collapses to control the masses and to turn a nice profit.

I think the unknown producer (and his crack pipe) rates this effort well. “It is my hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth.” No problem here. Ben Stein did a much nicer job.

Mike, I would like to believe Hamilton and Jefferson both desired to keep the Federal government small and out of peoples lives as much as possible. Should it be the mother hen for all Americans providing everything from healthcare to housing? We are walking a fine line toward socialism with the Clintons desire for presidential power. Of course the constitution is open to interpretation to allow it to remain relevant for contemporary times. I always am amused when someone attempts to be dogged on their own interpretation as the only correct one.

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