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June 14, 2006



well, i think it was csm who wrote about having the same reaction to news, whether "R" or "D" -- cuz he's a "I"
I'm an "I" (although I've voted "D" since the GOP impeachment of a president for lying about nine blow jobs).

So, about Karl Rove --
I trust Patrick Fitzgerald, who is a Republican, appointed by a Republican President, GHWB.
I trust Fitz not so much because he indicted Libby, but because of what he said when he brought the charges down.

I think it's something that fcc should learn to appreciate.

This is NOT about indicting Karl Rove. This is about getting Truth, and holding fast to what we SAY we believe in.
If any of us says we believe in something, but aren't true to that truth, it's serious hypocrisy.

Fitz said a prosecutor needs to determine three things before bringing down an indictment, and that one or two wasn't good enough, if you truly believe that we are all to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

He said a prosecutor should:
- determine that a crime actually took place
- determine if you can actually prove it
- and even so, determine if it's worth the burden on our justice system to take it to court

I like that.
I don't know if Karl Rove committed a crime.
I don't know, if he did, if Fitz can prove it.
If he did and Fitz can prove it, I think it would be worth prosecuting, but since I don't know the answer to the first two, I'm not going to waste time guessing about number three.

John, I don't think our country will go down. I think the worst will be another Depression, which might be good for us.

However, if we keep using violence to solve problems, instead using our brains... well, that will add another layer of depression.

John, if you despair, do something.
I can't decide for you what it is. I call my congresspeople and I feel I've done my part.
I write letters to the editor on a daily basis and get one published on a weekly basis.
We can only do a bit, but we must do our bit.

It's majority rules.
It's minority rights.
It's a secular government with freedom to worship and freedom of speech.

I just wish I heard more "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" these days.
And "Live and Let Live."


"I see all the bullshit from people on both sides of the aisle, and I despair. I really do."

John, you have never made a wiser statement on this blog. Lenin (A very insightful guy) once stated that the US would go down without a shot. I read that 30 years ago and thought how foolish especially when the wall went down. We are falling and terrorist are not at the forefront of the decent. However, I can't say I really despair over the matter I have hope.


Go Bev!

awesome that you are fighting our downfall with action rather than hope.


keep hoping. its really helping.



- determine that a crime actually took place
- determine if you can actually prove it
- and even so, determine if it's worth the burden on our justice system to take it to court

Wise man, that Fitzgerald. ;]


jeff, thx bro. nice to see yur name, as always.
Net neutrality is getting ready to go down the tubes. I just read that the senate is making noises that they will follow the House.
If anyone cares, call your congresspeople!

And, "Wise man, that Fitzgerald. ;]"
I concur.
Learning what "prosecution" should look like from Fitz (after the debacle that was Kenneth Starr) is really an education.
I had a feeling rove wasn't going to be indicted anyway...

Posted by: Bev | May 15, 2006 at 07:11 AM
We may have our sights on Rove, but it is now my belief that Fitz has his eye on someone else higher up. Libby and Rove are really just adminisrative assistants. Hadley makes policy, and so do a couple of other guys who Libby and Rove assist.

I think just concentrating on Libby's words and deeds makes all the sense in the world to me, if the fish Fitz really wants is an even bigger fish than Rove.
Fishing takes patience.


Oh yeah, all that fighting bev is doing is helping a lot jeff, thanks. Actually, die hard party members like Bev, like Jeff, they are the types leading our party to a path of destruction. Jeff's comment: a perfect example. Attack those not like him.(THANKS GENE)

How about prosecuting the crimes right in front of their faces, rather than attempting to continually dig up stuff not there? And then, maybe then we can get back to the business of running the country without slapping our police officers and accepting bribes. I noticed about all the possible posecutions are Republican bev? Hmmm. A little Fitzgerald commonsense could go a long way. Why is the honorable Miss McKinney not yet doing time? Ahhh, the priviliged.


is FCC crying again?

is that a rhetorical question? i've never encountered anyone with skin as thin as his. this time he got butt hurt by, "keep hoping gene. its really helping." WOW! that is some thin ass skin. if his party is in the majority, no wonder we are spiraling down. time to invest in kleenex.

Bobby's Brain

What U.S. Empire?! It's a goddamned leftist nightmare. Psst. It's just a nightmare. Ain't real. Go back to sleep and dream of sheeps and slumberland.


jeff, a few of us know that when gene gets in a bind and doesn't want to answer direct questions, he goes away and fcc suddenly shows up to defend him.
Then, amazingly, when fcc gets in a bind and doesn't want to answer any direct questions, fcc goes away for awhile, and, lo and behold, guess who shows up to defend him?

If you'll look carefully, sometimes "fcc" posts, complimenting "fcc" or "gene" shows up complimenting "gene."
It doesn't happen with any other two pairs of people of this blog; yet it's happening for the two of them more than once or twice.

So, i think it might be more accurate to say that "fcc" is crying for "gene" once again.


Now Bev, Is that the Christlike attitude you want to present? geez, kind to think of it, I have seen CSM, Jeff and Bev all complementing themselves and each other AND not to mention defending one another. ALl left of center--

Hey are you "dudes" all the same poster?


Thanks for the heads-up. I can handle it if it is only a nightmare.

fcc, the thing about csm, jeff, me, WHOEVER else you want to name--
We appear not to be stupid enough to compliment OURSELVES and sign our OWN names.

Why is it that only you and gene keep complimenting yourself and signing your own name? Brainfarts?


guess who?
see, you actually have to ERASE your own name and put in another, unless i'm missing something.
so, how does that happen?




I love fcc's whine about ONE Dem "accepting bribes."

As if he's never heard of Jack Abramoff. What a pinhead!

uncle earl

Your Unc's thought of the day: The republic has survived civil war, Teapot Dome (Earl's been readin'!), Tonkin Gulf and Vietnam, Nixon for Chrissake, doubledigit inflation & interest rates and the SAME TIME (Unc's pick for the worst period in recent history).

Bush'll go back to Crawford. I promise.

It'll be fine. Love your brother.


Listen to all the conspiracy theories. I agree with earl, its Friday, love your brother. Sisters, too.


Ok, I'll be good, I promise.

Bawdy, that thing about the snake on the other post?
well... we're not talking about "erotic," right?

Brothers, have a GREAT week-end!
And sisters?
Where are all the siss-tahs?
Sara, have a GREAT week-end!


"ONE Dem "accepting bribes." As if he's never heard of Jack Abramoff."

Did we elect Abramoff to an office? If you are going to crack someone at least compare apples and apples.
BTW, Only ONE democrat! WTF thats funny! What in the last 6 months?



I'm refering to the NUMEROUS Republicans "accepting bribes" FROM Abramoff!!

Here's a good list to get you started. How 'bout them apples!!!?




Don't get angry because you can't express yourself. Great, a list from an anti-republican website. Have you seen the list of dems accepting bribes from Jack? If your REALLY care that there is a culture of corruption in Washington, you can did that list in the washington Post.


Who's been indicted on the Democrat list?
(and article OVER one year old)

Who's been indicted on the Republican list?
Well, some are now actually convicted.





My favorite Uncle Earl. Thanks for raising the level of discourse if only for 3 posts.

I'm here Bev. I often lurk, "listen" to the boys yell, shake my head and leave.

Love your brothers and sisters.



just because we survived a bunch of shit in the past, doesn't mean we will survive future shit. thats faulty logic.

extned that logic out and USSR never falls because they survived WW II.

because i didn't get hit on the way to work for the last 200 days in a row, i shouldn't worry about getting hit today? WTF?

every dominant empire in the history of the world has fallen. we have elected the worst leader in the history of our country and he is leading us to new depths and those of us not ashamed of the way the united states handles things lately aren't paying attention. because we made it through vietnam we are fine? thats just about the most head-up-ones-ass logic i can even immagine.

but ya, even though i might be the voice of doom, i still think we should all (brothers and sisters) have good weekends nonetheless. even the multipersonalities of gene/fcc.


Hi all,
Did ya miss me? LOL. Just haven't felt like visiting lately, but I had to see what was behind this headline, just in case the sky had actually fallen and that I'd missed it.


just because we survived a bunch of shit in the past, doesn't mean we will survive future shit. thats faulty logic.
extned that logic out and USSR never falls because they survived WW II.
because i didn't get hit on the way to work for the last 200 days in a row, i shouldn't worry about getting hit today? WTF?"

Earl, if I may? There's that reading comprehension thing again. Jeff, the point of "if we survived so and so, we'll survive this" is to illustrate that because we survived MUCH WORSE SHIT IN THE PAST, that we'll certainly survive this shit. Earl doesn't think the present is particularly terrifying compared to say, fighting two major wars at the same time, one on each coast. Get it? Or how about this: do the words "American Civil War" mean nothing to you? Even if everything you guys say about this administration/country/sky is falling comes true to the worst possible degree, do you really believe that it will do more damage than half the country forming another country and attacking the other half (to the point where brothers are actually fighting the same battle on opposite sides) for four years? Are you all that chickenshit? You guys point fingers and trumpet "Fear-Mongering!!!" every other word, but you're the ones running around screaming about the downfall of America, and sounding like you hope it's true so that you can say "told ya so".

"...USSR never falls because they survived WW II..."

Bankruptcy was MUCH WORSE than WW2 (which they survived by the skin of their teeth), for the Soviet Union. That's why they couldn't survive it. Depression MUCH WORSE for America. That's why Earl thinks we will make it. Get it?

"because i didn't get hit on the way to work for the last 200 days in a row, i shouldn't worry about getting hit today? WTF?"

Earl thinks (forgive me Mr. Rogers, I mean Earl) that 200 days ago their were 300 cars a day aiming at you, intent on doing harm, and that today, it's "Jeff's Road Day", the one day a year that you're the only one allowed to drive. So that you're chances are better today. Get it?

"You never see Superman and Clark Kent in the same room at the same time"

FCC and Gene probably are more prone to mutual support due to the fact that they're about the only two who consistently speak from the right, and take more than their share of the insults that crop up here, especially from Jeff, WTF, and Bev. I'll give John that, he may be the worst fear-monger I ever heard of, but he doesn't shit on people (at least not specific individuals on the blog).

John, if your worldview (I hate that word, and all trendy catchphrases) is so pessimistic and... I can't say fearful, because you don't sound scared... I guess, so resigned to destruction, I have sympathy for you. I'd hate to go through life, especially starting that young, with such advantages, thinking that the world had nothing but decline ahead for me.

I have much more optimism about our future. And it's not because of some party or other being in charge, or from our government's actions at all (I think it's more likely that our government will have to live with what history gives it, rather than the other way 'round). For lack of a better USiversally (yes I made that word up just now) known comparison (and I'm sure I'll be labelled a geek now, if not already), I think we're on the verge of the "Star Trek" society. Not Klingons and phasers and green slave women in ripped bikinis (mmmm, green slave women in ripped bikinis...). I mean the basic premise of the show's setting, Roddenberry's dream, a society which has progressed to the point where poverty is gone, technology is amazing, Earth is united, and force is a last resort, and where exploration, friendliness (if they's other folk out thayuh), and non-interference are the rules. And don't say it's foolish to compare fiction with reality, Ray Bradbury invented the communications satellite, or was it Heinlein? Anyway, I believe this very internet is a huge sign of that future, and a major part of it. God (just a figure of speech), what did we do without it? If I was debating spur-of-the-moment and wanted to refute someone's claim, for example that AIDS was no longer primarily a "gay" disease, before the internet, it would have taken me hours at the library, if arguing with some passionate meathead was worth the effort, and I had at least a college-level library. Now I can do it in five minutes, with instantly available, at least semi-reputable references. How cool is that (God I hate catchphrases)? I believe history has not been made by the rich and powerful, but by those striving to be rich and powerful, who are the innovators, and with the scientists. With each leap of technology and inventiveness, we become freer to explore further. Henry Ford allowed everyone the freedom to travel the continent. "They" have teleported an atom. "They" have functioning ion engines operating in space as we speak. "They" have microscopic functioning machines made by assembling individual atoms. "They" have made eyeglasses for a fly. People like John, who have the opportunity to explore the fantastic mysteries of nature, if they can either retain their love of science for science's sake and keep on exploring, or join with someone of capitalistic vision and keep on exploring, will shape our future world.

The internet, and its successors, again: You all are already aware, I'm sure, of the fairly well accepted premise that the blogosphere can and often does scoop the self-styled mainstream media, and more quickly and more accurately to boot. I can't help but think that the more instant communications become available to everyone, the more homogeneous public opinion will become. When everyone has access to the same more accurate information, opinions will necessarily gibe more often, don't you think? The more we learn about each other, the more we'll realize how similar we are, and the more peaceful we'll become? The technology will give us the means, it's up to us to do away with the rhetoric and either make it happen, or not.

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