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March 30, 2005



I love what everyone is writing,so interesting, humans are something, that is for sure,I feel I dont really am one, and am observing the species from a human body. I feel detached from my own kind, because of how humans kill and mame so many animals, I can not be a part of this race. This is not my kind. I am just in this body observing. I am perplexed with why humans do not care about animals and the the environment, only a few.

Can everyone please make paragraphs for easier reading?

Brian Howard

Cancer is an offspring of the family of cells that created it, with the anomaly of being orphaned from the parent body of cells that sustains it. As such, its mode of survival is unrestricted by its source of survival because it has no hierarchy of family structure to reference actions against consequences. This allows the cancer cell to attract other cells to its mode of existence to form a tumor that "thinks" itself the source of life because the cellular energy it receives from its parent body enables it to grow, without the limitations of returning energy to its source of survival.
I think the unwitting dissection of human families, under the guise of democratic freedoms, has produced cancerous cells of thought unable to consider Earth as our body, or humanity as Earths' conscious awareness, and though our potential is "marvelous" it is not mirrored by the reality of our endeavors to make it so.

Be Well

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